2015 Peewee Player Awards


peewee improved  peewee line
Most Improved Player
Alex Bischoff
Outstanding Lineman
Blake Wakefield
peewee offence peewee def
Outstanding Offensive Player
Lucas Ciona
Outstanding Defensive Player
Beck Robinson
peewee heart peewee mvp
Kevin Barkwell Heart and Soul Award
Tyson Gariba Glodon
Most Valuable Player
Jacob Langley

2015 Peewee Mustangs

2 Paul Janzen
5 Duncan McKinley
6 Adam LaFrance
7 Lucas Ciona
8 Jacob Langley
9 David Chorney
10 Peyton Crumb
12 Lucas Oswald
14 Ben Gaudet
15 Spencer Gibson
20 Braden Ross
21 Vivek Rao
23 Evan Thomas
24 Brady hoyt
27 Grant Ward
32 Luke Milne
40 Tyler Morris
42 Beck Robinson
46 Austin Rakowski
52 Tyson Gariba-Glodon
54 Ethan Henderson
64 Cale White
65 Lysander Fahlman
73 Matthew  Humphrys 
75 Matthew Nelson
77 Alex Bischof
78 Blake Wakefield
80 Drew Pedde
81 Joshua Werstiuk
82 Jackson Schwab
85 Parker Ovelson
88 Sean Yeo
90 Eric Wasylyshyn
96 Ethan Shaw



Jason Crumb - Head Coach
Terry Langley
David Chorney
Rod Wasylyshyn
Brian Ross
Troy Janzen
Greg Robinson
Kevin Mckinley
Greg Nelson
Erin Gaudet - Manager

2015 Peewee Highlights


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